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Our Activities
Japan’s Save the Ozone Network (JASON) is involved in a wide range of activities from making policy recommendations to presenting stage dramas to raise people’s awareness about issues. As we devote our energies to achieving the objectives of the Network, we also strive to make our activities fun and interesting for all.

Our achievements to date are the results of the generous support of so many people in our activities.

Policy Recommendations and Advocacy Activities

To Diet members and administrative bodies

In 2001 the efforts of our members and a number of NGOs bore fruit when the Law Concerning the Recovery and Destruction of Fluorocarbons was established through legislation by members of the Diet.
In the future too, we will continue to make policy recommendations that will contribute to the creation of social frameworks.

Survey Research and Awareness-raising

Aiming for a CFC-free society

CFC-free refrigerators have become standard in today’s environment. However, CFCs are still used for various purposes including refrigerants in air conditioners and in freezer cases as well as insulation in buildings. Our Network is introducing and promoting CFC-free technology.

Publications and CD Production

Communicating our message

To communicate to others in a tangible way information about the problem of the ozone layer and harmful ultraviolet rays, Japan’s Save the Ozone Network (JASON) has published picture books and teaching materials. The Network has also produced a CD containing songs about the importance of our ozone layer. This spring we also produced a special picture-story show.

Kids Camps

Enjoying nature and contemplating the future with children

With support from companies and administrative bodies, Japan’s Save the Ozone Network (JASON) holds overnight camps during the summer at the base of Mt. Fuji and Akagiyama. These camps offer the best opportunity for children and adults to create a concept of the future environment they would like to see.

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Global Contribution

International Exchanges

Since participating in the 1996 meeting for the Montreal Protocol, we have been engaging in various forms of exchanges with overseas organizations.

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Awareness-raising Activities about Protection against Harmful UV rays

Let's Protect Our Children

In tune with the words of the slogan “Slip, slop, slap”, the activities to protect the children from harmful UV rays continue.

Publication of Newsletters
Japan’s Save the Ozone Network newsletter is delivered to all members.

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