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Ozon Kids Camp in Mount Fuji (August 6-7, 2005) Print E-mail

Our regular camp, this year entitled “Ozone Kids Camp 2005 in Mount Fuji”, was held at Fuji Sanroku Yama no Mura, a lodge owned by Shizuoka Prefecture.


Date: August 6 (Sat) -7 (Sun), 2005
Place: Fuji Sanroku Yama no Mura, Shizuoka Prefecture
Organized by: Japan’s Save the Ozone Network
Supported by: Shizuoka Prefecture, Fuji City, Fujinomiya City, Fujikawa Town
In Cooperation with: Shizuoka Prefecture CFC Recovery Project Association, Limited Intermediate Corporation, Climate Network
Participants: 10 students from grade 1 of elementary school to first year of high school
Leaders: 2

Let’s learn about the protective ozone layer and about the sun’s ultraviolet rays!
Let’s look at the process of recovering CFCs!
Let’s make a picture-story show!
Let’s generate energy by pedaling on a bicycle! (Thinking about global warming)
Enjoyable Events for everyone
  • Candlelight fire
  • Making curry rice
  • Early morning nature walk

At the camp

A fantastic location
The 1-night 2-day camp takes place at a lodge surrounded by a verdant forest looking out at Mt. Fuji. 
New Ultraviolet Beads
UV rays invisible to the naked eye are measured using a small special device for that purpose. This year for the first time, however, small white, plastic UV beads the size of pearls which mysteriously change color when exposed to UV rays were used, turning pink and purple, just like a chameleon. As the UV rays get stronger, the deeper the colors get.
Demonstration of CFC Recovery
Every year the Japan’s Save the Ozone Network receives the cooperation of the eastern division of the Shizuoka Prefecture CFC Recovery Program Association in conducting CFC recovery demonstrations. This year, in efforts promote people’s understanding of this invisible gas, the association again cooperated in preparing setting up props for experiments in recovering CFCs.
Making curry rice together
When the workshops finished, everybody assembled in the kitchen to prepare curry rice together. After struggling to get the fire started in the camp stove, it was an exceptional treat to be able to at last enjoy the curry we made together. 
Candlelight Fire
The campfire that was planned was called off due to rain and replaced with a candlelight fire. With the skillful and entertaining performances of the children, we completely lost track of time. Answering the questions of a currently popular quiz game proved to be extremely difficult.
Early Morning Walk
In the refreshingly clear morning, even the children who found getting up early a bit of a challenge take a leisurely walk around the area. With binoculars in hand, they begin a day by observing nature.
The weather is clear and as students undertake an experiment to measure UV rays in the morning light, a beautiful prism appears.
Together students contemplate the issue of global warming as they take part in the fun of a quiz game during the workshop.
Generating electricity on a bicycle
In the final workshop, students attempt to generate energy by pedaling a bicycle and come to the realization that generating electricity was harder than they thought. The workshop ended, bringing to a successful close this year’s summer camp. Before heading for home, everybody makes promises to meet again.
This camp was a grant program of Defense of Green Earth Foundation and Environmentally Friendly Cards.

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