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Eco Kids Camp in Akagiyama (August 21-22, 2005) Print E-mail

Since 2005 the “Eco Kids Camp in Akagiyama” has also been held in Gunma Prefecture, the founding place of the Network (sponsored by the Gunma Bank Environment Foundation).

Japan’s Save the Ozone Network has been contributing to these camps by dispatching staff and by helping with the camp planning.
Please take the children’s activities at the camp and our staff’s impression.


Dates: August 21(Sun)-22 (Mon), 2005
Place: National Akagi Youth House
Organized by: The Gunma Bank Environment Foundation, Gunma Prefecture
Supported by: Gunma Prefectural Board of Education, Gunma Prefecture
In Cooperation with: Gunma Prefecture CFC Recovery Project Association
Instructors: Professor Nishizono (Associate Professor, Gunma University)
NPO Staff: Japan’s Save the Ozone Network members and others
Participants: 19 students from elementary school grades 4 through 6

Camp Workshops

In addition to classroom-style instruction shown in the photos, the camp’s activities included role-play and games like the “shopping game”.  

Impression of Participating Staff

Introduction of Kids ISO-14000
In recent years, my role has basically been to accompany my children to the meeting place for the camp (and this has been the case for over 10 years). This time, however, I participated as one of the camp staff. A little uncertain about my role at first, I was soon swept up by the energy, enthusiasm, and seriousness of the children about what they were doing, and experienced many surprises along the way. I was truly impressed by how intensely the children listened to Instructor Nishizono and Ms. Maruko and the staff as they spoke.

My workshop was the very last one. The skilled staff at the camp had already won the full support of the children, so my task was quite easy. During my session, I introduced the children to Kids ISO-14000, which spells out ways of reducing carbon dioxide in the home. My intention was just to present the introductory version which includes activities over a two-week period but five of the children showed a strong desire to take up the challenge of the two-month beginner’s level program. There were not enough workbooks to go around, so I promised to send them later by mail.

These children, who were thinking so seriously about the environment, made me feel all the more motivated to do whatever I can for the Network.

This year the lingering heat of summer is a cause for concern with respect to advancing global warming. However, the camp at Akagiyama made me feel reassured that the future for these energetic, enthusiastic children will be bright. (H. M., Environment Counselor)  

Playing “the shopping game”
As they played, the children had a good time doing just “ordinary shopping”. A check on their purchases, however, made it numerically clear that there was need for some reflection. Children were taken aback as they discovered errors in their judgment, exclaiming “Oh, no! I have my own bag but I forgot to take it with me,” or realizing that they made purchases based only on price without thinking about the wrapping or containers and the production area of the goods. They realized that while they understood issues, putting their principles into practice was another matter. (Maruko)

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