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Camps and Workshops

Promoting activities where children encounter new experiences in workshops and camps where they come into contact with people of various backgrounds and points of view and where adults and children have the opportunity to interact and contemplate issues together, the Japan’s Save the Ozone Network has received wide acclaim.

During the summer holidays, overnight camps are held at the foot of Mount Fuji and Akagiyama. These camps are supported by businesses and administrative bodies.
As we contemplate what is really important for society and our lives, it is vital that we transcend our various opinions to share our views about life and build relationships of trust. Kids Camps offer the best opportunity for everyone to create a concept of the future environment we would like to see.

Deepening our understanding of the environment together

At the camps, children deepen their understanding of the environment through various workshops. In the workshops, specialists in scientific fields and experts in industry provide explanations to children in a way that is easy to understand and lend their support to the children as they take part in experiments. University students, interns from environmental NGOs also lead the children in games that provide opportunities for raising their awareness about the environment. To date, we have held workshops on the topics listed below.  

Workshop Contents

  • Let’s learn about the ozone layer protection and solar UV rays! (experiments in measuring UV rays)
  • Let’s look at the process of recovering CFCs! (demonstrations of recovering CFCs)
  • Let’s make a picture-story show!
  • Global warming and our daily lives
  • Let’s generate energy by pedaling on a bicycle!
  • Stop Global Warming House

Enjoying various events together

In addition to workshops, a number of other events and activities including camp fires are planned for the camp. Interaction in a variety of interesting activities with other camp participants and staff become cherished memories of the children’s time at camp.
  • Candlelight fire
  • Making curry rice
  • Early morning nature walk   

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