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Environmental Education and Raising Awareness
Education for the next generation is also an important area of our activities. We wish to inform you of our activities in environmental education and raising awareness in children.

Activities for communicating through the five senses

Seeing, observing, reading, hearing, and singing

We are continuing our activities to communicate information in a tangible way through activities that include seeing, hearing, and feeling. Our unique approach is receiving high acclaim in Japan and overseas.

With a desire to communicate important things about the environment to children and adults alike in a way that is easy to understand, we put our ideas into songs and a book.

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Activities to experience and enjoy with children

Camps and Workshops

Promoting activities where children encounter new experiences in workshops and camps where they come into contact with people of various backgrounds and points of view and where adults and children have the opportunity to interact and contemplate issues together, the Japan’s Save the Ozone Network has received wide acclaim.

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Environment Counselors

Contributing to environmental education through proven knowledge and experience

Environmental education requires a wealth of knowledge and experience. Among Japan’s Save the Ozone Network counselors are members who are registered environmental counselors of the Ministry of the Environment.

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